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I, Vince Seay (to learn more about me, click here), created my company A1 Superstars!, because it was my quest to find both untapped and established Talent and train them how to be a Superstar in whatever they want to do in life. Using motivational and success coaching, I have helped hundreds of talented individuals from children to senior citizens achieve their lifetime goals. Call or text us at (833)218-2536 if you or a loved one are interested in:

  • Taking your Entertainment career to NEW LEVELS!
  • Making more money in a rewarding PROFESSION OR BUSINESS

 We are ELITE Talent/Life Managers and Motivational Coaches. We will not only TEACH  you, but SHOW  you, and WORK  with you, on how to be GREAT IN ENTERTAINMENT, SPORTS, AND LIFE!!

With my company, A1 Superstars!, we SPECIALIZE in working with people, ESPECIALLY YOUTH, in getting them the mental strength and focus needed to excel. Our kids , teens and adults have academically gone on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other prestigious careers. Our athletes have gone on to excel in middle, high school, college and pro careers! Our entertainment Talent have gone on to National and International acclaim! All this was possible by me and my great team at A1 Superstars!, showing our Superstar clients how to use their mental ability to be THE BEST THAT THEY CAN BE!

People are currently paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to train with coaches in team sports, gymnastics, dance, acting singing, etc. But that training WILL fail them if they are not training in understanding and mastering the mental aspect of competition! WHICH ALL GREAT ATHLETES AND ENTERTAINERS FEEL IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

The reason that A1 Superstars! have THE BEST Talent Managers and Motivational Coaches, because we train you how to THINK, so you can use that physical, artistic and academic training to become a Superstar!

Don't just take my word for it, here's are two articles from SUCCESS MAGAZINE  entitled, "7 Reasons You Need Mental Strength To Be Successful", then right after this article, at the bottom, another article says, "4 Characteristics of People Who Are Mentally Tough" . They both talk about the importance of mental strength. You can read them both here.

If you are SERIOUS about having mental toughness and future success, get the training to succeed here at A1 Superstars! And the BEST part, is that this training can be translated to success in ANY PART of a successful  person's life!

EVERY SINGLE PERSON, younger or older, can greatly benefit from one or more of my SUPERSTAR CREATING services. For a complete list of A1 Superstars! services, click here.


Watch the video below of me, Vince Seay, explain "How To Become A Superstar"! In my ongoing videos I will explain FOR FREE, how YOU can achieve your true greatness and become a Superstar in your life!

All you have to do is call or text me, Vince, at (833)218-2536. Leave your info, including your name, contact number and best time to contact you, along with your email address. That's it! I, Vince Seay, or a member of my staff will contact you, and get you or your loved one, on your way to becoming a Superstar! We look forward to hearing from you!

Work with me, Vince Seay CEO, at A1 Talent Superstars! We will help you achieve your dreams!
A1  Superstar! Students Get Great Grades And Achieve Their Life Goals!!
A1 Superstar! 
Athletes Make 
Their Teams 
And Are Mentally Tough!
 I, Vince Seay, and my fantastic company, A1 Superstars!, work tirelessly with young people to help them become successful Life Superstars!  

We work with my younger customers with:
  • Success Coaching
  • Success Mentoring and Leadership
  • Motivational Training
  • Focus on Spiritual Health and Family Values

This is the reason my A1 Superstars! kids and teens SUCCEED in their personal lives!

A1 Superstar! Model and Entertainer's Are Tremendous Talents!
We also work with both amateur and professional athletes in becoming the Athletic Superstars they always wanted to be!
We work with amateur athletes with:
  • Emphasis on education
  • Talent Evaluation
  • Sports Training
  • Developing mental toughness
We work with professional athletes with:
  • Proper representation
  • Maximizing their value
  • Crossing over into television and movies​
In addition, we work with  actors, models, and other entertainers to become an Entertainment Superstar! We do that by:

  • Providing Professional Consulting Services for entertainers with limited or no experience
  • Providing Professional Management Services for entertainers that have had paid jobs
  • Assisting talent with obtaining talent agents
  • Making sure their career stays on track
  • ​Assisting talent with publicity and promotion

To assist groups, we also work with Parents, Therapists, Sports Coaches and Teachers in developing methods to help others:
  • Understand the importance of family and faith
  • Develop a Superstar! attitude
  • ​Have a tremendous and unstoppable self-worth
  • Learn why they should set HIGH goals
  • ​Believe that they can accomplish any goals that they set for themselves
  • Learn that hard work will help them achieve greatness
  • ​Learn that their self-worth comes from THEM and not from what others think about them