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A1 Superstars! was founded by Vince Seay because he wanted all achievers, to have an opportunity to develop their talents under the watchful eye of professionals that genuinely care about their success. Mr. Seay realizes that there are very talented individuals, especially youth, that otherwise will not realize their true potential if they do not have experienced advisers guiding them. A1 Superstars! is here to give these talented individuals the direction needed to excel on the big stage, big screen, small screen, national and international modeling. We want to see our athletes play in college and professional sports. We want to see our business people expanding their opportunities. We want to see our personal achievers have the tools necessary to excel and reach their personal life goals. At A1 Superstars!, we will use our resources to help our talented clients position themselves so they can realize their dreams! We realize that everyone will not achieve all their goals but we believe in helping our members by giving them the opportunity to position themselves to achieve everything that they possibly can. We want to see a society where everyone, especially youth, will have an opportunity to have professionals assist them in achieving their goals!  Because of Vince Seay, EVERY child, teen or young adult who wants success can attain it!

About A1 Superstars! CEO Vince Seay

During his life, Vince Seay has been an experienced athlete and entertainer. As a young athlete, Mr. Seay worked hard practicing baseball, training about four hours every day on the rock and broken glass infested baseball fields in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His hard work paid off because despite growing up in the housing projects of one of the most dangerous areas of New York City, Vince Seay was fortunate enough to secure a professional baseball contract offer from the Boston Red Sox organization. 

Getting that offer wasn't easy as Vince did not play baseball in either high school or college! Instead Vince was observed playing in a men's baseball league in Parade Grounds Park in Brooklyn. Vince was always one to pay attention to little details and when he was voluntarily 
practicing a difficult drill, a baseball scout noticed him. It was then that contact was made, the scout came to watch Vince play and subsequently the offer was made!

This is why, when Vince works with his athletes, he always tells them to work hard, pay attention to details and no matter where they are, always play like someone important may be watching you! This advice has helped literally hundreds of athletes to attain goals that they never thought possible; and yes, many of them, like Talent Expert Vince Seay himself, have been discovered playing in playgrounds, gyms and small sports leagues, then recruited to play college ball. So Vince's advice rang true for others also!

Vince also competed in another professional sports/entertainment arena, professional wrestling. Vince Seay was fortunate enough to train and work in Delray Beach, FL with the Florida Championship Wrestling group. He considers the training that he received in professional wrestling some of the toughest he has had to go through. It taught him a lot about sacrifice, commitment and determination as he was 40 years old when he began his pro wrestling training!

Vince Seay also was an experienced actor in New York City, working in movies with actors such as Vincent Spano, Timothy Hutton, Robert Urich, Robert Culp and John Travolta. 

During his time as an actor, Mr. Seay also professionally managed other actors and actresses, helping many to secure jobs doing national commercials, television sitcoms and feature movies. He also helped develop a teen singing group, Destiny; personally wrote and produced their single, "Dreaming, Dreaming."

As an Entertainment Talent Manager and Consultant, Expert Vince Seay continues to work with all types of entertainers; actors, models, comics, and recording artists, both beginners and experienced. He not only instructs entertainers in their craft but also makes sure that they understand the responsibilities that comes with being a professional and he also assists them in retaining proper entertainment contacts so that they can become the star they always wanted to be!

As a Talent Manager, Vince Seay has worked with and trained athletes of all ages including professional athletes. He has been a head coach of teams from club to high school athletics, coaching his first team when he was just 16 years old! Since then he has been a an advocate for underprivileged youth, starting a youth football league and a community 14 year-old baseball team in Coney Island, NY. In Florida, he has unselfishly volunteered his time coaching baseball and basketball teams, recently winning back-to-back 12th grade Florida State basketball championships and a 7th grade basketball team that he trained, won the Southeastern leg of the National Championship!

As a Talent Consultant, Vince Seay has helped motivate hundreds of young people to achieve success in life; assisting them in everything from their personal home life to graduating college and developing professional careers. He has personally mentored teens who had problems in anger management, addiction, depression and social acceptance, helping them to lead happy and productive lives.

Professionally, Vince Seay has also worked as a New York City Transit Police Officer, a Deputy Sheriff with the Broward Sheriffs Office and a Juvenile Corrections Office with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. With these professions, he has extensive, first-hand knowledge in working with young people in crisis situations. He has taught them how to survive those difficult situations and use the lessons learned, to achieve ultimate success. It is this experience in working with youngsters, that sets Vince Seay apart from other personal life coaches and mentors. This gives him the insight needed and is the main reason that young people want to learn from him.

Vince Seay knows what it takes to succeed. He wants everyone who has goals and dreams either personally or in the sports and entertainment field to be able to achieve them. His company, A1 Superstars!, was founded on the principle of helping youth succeed, thereby combating youth hopelessness and juvenile delinquency and he promises that he will work tirelessly to help continue to develop great young people, star athletes and entertainers. 

"Making a talent great is my passion! I love motivating, mentoring and developing talented individuals and seeing them succeed beyond their wildest dreams. That's what I live for!"​ - Vince Seay

About CEO Vince Seay and his company A1 Superstars! 
 Success Manager Vince Seay, left, with five members of his 2009 12th grade State Championship team. All of these athletes went on to attend college!
Success Manager Vince Seay (2nd from left) with his 2010 back-to-back 12th grade State Championship team. These players also went on to various colleges!
Success Manager Vince Seay (in foreground, right, in white shirt) with high school basketball team.
Success Manager Vince Seay (second from right) with his 2014 9th grade travel basketball team at the Wide World of Sports in Orlando.
Success Manager Vince Seay's 2016 6th Grade Explosion Team that competed at The Wide World of Sports in Orlando.