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Frequently Asked Questions To A1 Superstars! Founder,Talent Manager and Consultant, Vince Seay
Mr. Seay, why did you create your company, A1 Superstars!?​

I realized that there were so many people that seriously wanted to succeed but did not know what to do. I decided to fill that void in information by inventing a vehicle that could not only give them the info, but be there with them and help them succeed, step-by-step. My goal was to create Life Superstars! A1 Superstars! gives folks the opportunity to do that. 

Vince, congratulations on the success that you have had in helping so many kids and adults excel in life. You are also a Master Personal Motivator and Talent Expert". What exactly is that?

I have motivated hundreds of people over the past 40+ years to be great, and had them achieve outstanding personal and professional success. With that, I have been fortunate to have been considered a master in motivating others and teaching them the laws and methods of success. My expertise is in not only motivating but observing talent in individuals and helping them develop that talent so they can be even more successful. 
Also, with over 40 years experience, training, motivating and creating success for people, I have a superb knowledge of what it takes to succeed. I have PROVEN to be an expert in understanding people's talent and what it takes to get them to achieve!

The name of your company is A1 Superstars! Do you feel that everyone can be a Superstar! in their life?

Yes, EVERYONE has Superstar talent. It doesn't matter if the talent is in sports, entertainment, academic, vocational or the ability to do well personally, every single person has the capability and the talent to do something SUCCESSFULLY. As a Talent Expert, I, through my Talent Professionals at A1 Superstars!, make sure that each individual Talent has the training so they can have GREAT SUCCESS! Whether it involves advice, motivation, training, research or a combination of them all, I am here to help develop that talent to its highest level.  

Is there a selection process that A1 Superstars! uses?

Yes, before we work with a Talent, we will do an in-person or telephone interview with both the Talent. We need to be sure that the Talent has the ability to be a TREMENDOUS TALENT in whatever they decide to do. We only work with Talent that want and NEED to be THE BEST!

Mr. Seay, in working with my child as their Personal Life Manager, what does your company do?

As your child's Life Manager, we are working DIRECTLY WITH YOU THE PARENT AND YOUR CHILD, the Talent, in developing their talent in academics, sports, entertainment, and/or personal life. We want your child to use their talent to become a true Life Superstar! We are constantly and continually seeking out ways for them to become better! We may go to their games (whenever possible, geographic restrictions apply), watch their tapes, peruse their information that needs to be sent out to third parties, seek out information that can assist them, speak to others on their behalf; in general, work to make your child the best!  Also, we are working directly with you the parent, to make sure that you child is constantly receiving THE SAME message from both Consultant and Parent.

How does your company help Talent become a Life Superstar!?

By being a Life Superstar!, a person has positive control over their life now and the direction that they are going. To do this, a person needs as much help as possible. They need to be trained and helped through the process of becoming a Life Superstar! This is why we say, "Life Superstars! are made, not born!" We personally work on all levels of their life to see that they are doing what is necessary for them to succeed. Not only do we give them a road map to follow but we are also "in the passenger seat" right next to them to see them accomplish their goals. We help our Talent become winners and true Life Superstars!

How successful do you want your Talent clients to be?

We want our Talent customers to be THE BEST in their lives or industry! This is why they are called Life Superstars! Whether it is Personal Life, Sports, Entertainment, Business or anything else, we want them to be held up as EXCELLENCE, hence Superstars! We do not settle for less! We don't teach average, we teach excellence! Our Talent clients need to reach their FULL POTENTIAL! That's what we strive for.

Does A1 Superstars! also develop Talent?. 

Yes, we do! To be truly successful, in sports, academics or personal achievement, it's not enough to just have talent. One has to develop that talent to where they are among the best in their industry. They have to be bold, be visible, and be in the proper position so that when that big opportunity knocks they are there to answer the door! This doesn't happen by accident, this happens through PROPER PLANNING AND EXECUTION! 
As their Life Manager, we work with our Talent to help them reach that level where they are looked at as ready to go NOW and SUCCEED! Whether Talent is looking to get better grades, make their school team, attend their dream university, become an international star or  just become more motivated and think for success; we help develop their talent and career to position themselves to take that huge step and excel!

As a Talent Manager and Consultant, what ages of young people does A1 Superstars! work with?

The ages of our Talent clients range from elementary school to adult. 

I have a child that I feel has the ability to be great! Why would it be so important for him to work with A1 Superstars!?

I have over 40 years of success, working with children. My goal in working with Young Talent is to see them become Life Superstars!. That is what I concentrate on every day! As a parent of a child, many times it is very difficult for you to help keep your child motivated, and have the child see the many different angles of their decisions that might effect their personal success. Because you as the parent are the caregiver, disciplinarian and perform other duties that may personally impact the child, many times the child may not listen to you as you would like. As your child's Success Director, he or she is there ONLY to see the child succeed and the child may be more apt to listen to the Success Director as an outside source that is MIRRORING the parents message of wanting the child to make proper decisions that will make them great!

We will continue to work tirelessly with our Young Talent and help to keep them motivated. We know there are times that they may get lazy and take their eye off the goal. We will make sure that they stay focused! 

Vince, as a Success Director, what have you personally helped your talent do?

Over the years, on the personal front, I have helped my talented clients get more motivated and get better grades in school; get into prestigious private elementary, middle and high schools; get admitted to colleges of their choice; get academic scholarships; begin and develop small businesses; learn how to better respect themselves and their families; get self-confidence; in short, I help them become the type of successful person that they always wanted to be!

As far as amateur sports, I have helped my Athletic Talent train and become markedly better; I have evaluated athletes, giving them advice that has helped them to make their middle school, high school, college teams and go pro. I have helped athletes obtain college scholarships (for more info on college sports scholarships, click on 'Amateur Sports Talent' to the left on this page.
If a Sports Talent wants to achieve a goal as and is willing to work to achieve it, I promise that my company, A1 Superstars! will try everything that we can to help them succeed in getting it done!

I am an upper class-man in high school and a very highly touted athlete. What can A1 Superstars! do for me?

We will look at your entire situation and help you make the best decisions that will help you stay on top! For instance, if an Athletic Talent is not working at a high level academically, we will focus on grades and help the athlete to understand the importance to getting and maintaining a high GPA. This is so the athlete will be able to pick and choose where they want to go to college without having to be concerned if they will academically qualify. We will look at how many and the type of colleges that are looking at them and make sure that the athlete is putting themselves in the best possible light so that they can receive the best scholarship offer that they can get. 

Athletically, we have worked with Talent as young as 3rd grade that have shown great ability! We sit down with the parents and athlete to find out what plans they have. If the plan is for the athlete to play at a high level, we will outline training plans to insure the young athlete receives the best training. We also look to have the athlete playing at the proper skill level to enhance their athletic growth. We work to get the athlete as much media exposure as possible. We will attempt to get as many high level coaches in the area to look at the athlete to continue the athletes future growth potential. 

In both of the above examples, we will also make sure that personally, the young athlete is doing the right things so that their private lives are as stable as possible. In other words, we take care of the WHOLE PERSON! Parent, this is what A1 Superstars! can do for your young Talent!

There are so many athletes that could have been playing in college or the pros but didn't because they didn't know what to do at the proper time. Don't let that happen to you or your Young Talent! You need a Professional who will guide you! There is too much at stake to do it alone. Let A1 Superstars! help you!

The most important thing is that we will work with you, the Parent AND your child to give them the opportunity to work to their true potential. We want to see our Talent get scholarships and go professional in their field, if they have the ability to do so!

How much does it cost to have one of your company's professionals as my Life Manager?

Your investment in hiring our professionals at A1 Superstars!, as you or your Life Manager is VERY AFFORDABLE.  Rest assured that your investment price will ALWAYS be quoted prior to beginning work with you. Don't gamble with future success! If you're serious about your succeeding in life, you need to work with us at A1 Superstars! We can have you achieving your life goals and dreams!

Wow! Sounds great, so what am I waiting for?

Good question! I teach, "Greatness comes to those who put themselves in the position of greatness!" Here is an opportunity to work with my company A1 Superstars!, and a proven Success Professional that wants to work to make you GREAT! Seize the opportunity, NOW! 
CALL, OR TEXT us at A1 Superstars!, (833)218-2536 or click below, to set up a NO OBLIGATION easy phone, video conference or in-person consultation, where we will go over EVERYTHING that you need to become a success! 

As Talent, success progress may vary from our most successful Talent. Success depends on many factors including but not limited to ability, determination, self-discipline, self-confidence, level of sacrifice, education and/or third party help in achieving said goals. Vince Seay or A1 Superstars! is in no way guaranteeing that anyone will achieve the full level of success that they desire, but only that we will work with and assist Talent in achieving their desired success goals.