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 About Our Services
The goal at A1 Superstars!, under the direct guidance of our CEO Coach Vincent Seay, is to make every single one of our customers (Superstars) THE BEST, whether we are working directly with an adult, child, the child's parent, coach or youth worker. We want to achieve that goal in the EASIEST and MOST EFFICIENT way possible. There are many services that we offer to assist any person in achieving SUPERSTAR status!

Working Directly with the Superstar
1) Mentoring - In working directly with the Superstar, one of the most important things that we can do is to teach and be a positive model. We want to make sure that the Superstar understands the importance of mental strength in achieving any goal.  We train them in building a positive mental attitude, strong self-esteem, serious work ethic, problem solving skills, the ability to overcome obstacles, and other strong success skills. These skills ARE NOT taught in academic schools, this is specialty SUCCESS, GOAL ACHIEVING, MENTAL STRENGTH TRAINING that they can only get here at A1 Superstars! This is the reason that so many of our Superstars have gone on to play high-level sports, entertainment stardom and serious life achievements! It's no accident, we teach them what they need to know to excel!

No matter where the Superstar is in the world, as long as they have access to a landline or cellular phone, computer or if they are local to the South Florida area, we can work with them! We utilize, video conferencing, phone calls and in-person visits, in teaching  our Superstars how to become GREAT SUPERSTARS!

2) Research and Development - IN ADDITION to mentoring, there are Superstars who need assistance in actually achieving their goals. For instance, we have helped High School Superstars get in touch with colleges that they wanted to attend to learn about academic standards. We have helped put Superstars together with amateur and professional coaches. We have helped entertainers get in touch with agents, casting directors and ultimately secure high paying jobs. We have helped Superstars get help with matters in their personal life that have helped them achieve personal success. We can assist in ALL aspects of a Superstars life to help them succeed!

3) Amateur and Professional Management 
     a) Sports - Playing at a high level in sports is no easy task. If being responsible for your own performance as an amateur athlete is not difficult enough, doing planning on attending good schools that can showcase your talent, keeping your present grades high and maintaining focus make it extremely difficult. We at A1 Superstars! are there for our Talent in keeping them on track so they can be the best in the world! We closely monitor our athletes from elementary school and beyond giving them the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCCESS! We are proud to say that our former and present Talent is now playing in prestigious high schools, colleges, and the pros! This could be YOU!
      b) Entertainment - We have worked with some of the most talented models, actors, comics and singers both as amateur and professionals, and got them known nationally and internationally.  With our Talent, we make sure that they are doing the correct things at each stage of their career so that can achieve optimal success. From making sure that they are receiving the proper training, to utilizing the proper agents, and casting directors, to securing the proper booking, our entertainer's talents have shone bright around the world! Because our Professional Talent is paid, we work on a strictly commission basis with them. Come work with us At A1 Superstars! and see your entertainment opportunities grow!

Working With Parents

1) Consultation - We at A1 Superstars! also work with parents of youth Superstars. We can either work with both the Superstar and the parent(s), or the parent(s) only. Either way, the goal is the same, to make sure that the young Superstar has the proper guidance, and assistance from the parent so the ultimate goals of the Superstar can be achieved. Many times a parent can make a mistake by not paying attention to certain details in the Superstar's development. They may not push the Superstar enough, or maybe push them too much. They may have the Superstar only playing one sport, when it would be in the best interest of the Superstar to play multiple sports. They may be doing things that are stalling a Superstar's development and not realize it. 
This is why it is so important for a parent that is truly interested in the ultimate development of their child to work with us at A1 Superstars; we can give you the insight that would not be possible without our expert understanding of youth success!

2) Research and Development - As explained above in "Working Directly With A Superstar", we can help parents, coaches or others that work directly with youth, in research to assist you in helping youth achieve the success that they need. We can also help you develop the powerful skills necessary to be the parent of a high-achieving Superstar!

Coaches and Other Youth Workers

1) Individual Work - We work DIRECTLY with Athletic and Life Coaches, Therapists, Teachers and other Youth Workers in helping them get the most out of the youth that they serve. Many times it is difficult to properly motivate young people that have serious potential to succeed. They can come to us and we will give them our expert advice on ways that may help them get the young person to achieve more and better success.

2) Working with a team or group - We also will speak with an entire team or group and give motivational and instructional speeches. Just tell us the topic that you would like us to speak on and the circumstances, and we will develop a talk dedicated SPECIFICALLY for them! We can do this IN PERSON or by VIDEO CONFERENCING. 


We at A1 Superstars! have helped numerous athletes play at the next level. We will take a look at tape of ACTUAL GAME PLAY (not highlight reels) and give an honest, unbiased appraisal on the player's skills and what they need to work on to play in that next level. We not only take into account what we see on the tape, but also the level that they are playing, their practice habit and how they feel about themselves as a player. All these things will be evaluated in giving you an accurate reading on not only how they are doing now, but what they need to do in the future.


A1 Superstars! have also assisted entertainers in not only getting their start but also excelling internationally in the world of show business. We will look at demo reels, or audition tapes that you have along with your resume (if necessary) and see what you need to do to achieve your goals in the business. Professional entertainment is a very difficult business to excel in and we will do what it takes to help you get to that level.   

As you can see, we at A1 Superstars! are here to do what it takes to help Superstars succeed in there goals. Our philosophy is that people can achieve whatever they want and they should not limit themselves. Let us help make YOU a Superstar success! Call or text us  at 1(833)218-2536 worldwide, or you can fill in your information in the box below and let us know how we can help you get your Superstar going!