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At A1 Talent Success! we believe that EVERY young person has a talent that can make them true Life Superstars! and successful beyond their wildest dreams! Our Mental Toughness Training and Success Conditioning, will get Talent to act, think and train to Success! We realize that Life Superstars! are made not born! We teach them how to be mentally tough and condition them in achieving success, so they can accomplish ANYTHING in life!

 Our Talent Success Directors have been helping young people from elementary school through college age become Life Superstars! for decades! In addition to our mental Toughness Training, we create young Superstars! by helping them hone their talents, create and follow their goals, and follow with them until they achieve their Life Superstar goals! This is training that EVERY young person needs that aspires to do GREAT things in their lives. And it's so simple and easy! All we need is a commitment to success and an hour or more of your time PER MONTH and we can have any young person succeeding in their Private Life, Amateur Professional Sports, Professional Entertainment, or any category of Life Success! 

A1 Talent Success' founder Vince Seay has personally helped hundreds of young people achieve their personal Life Superstardom! He has helped people attend some of the country's most elite colleges, achieve professional success in both the white and blue collar industries, assist athletes in achieving high-level amateur and professional athletic goals and entertainers achieving amateur and professional entertainment success! He, himself, garnered a professional sports contract, acting career, and managed professional international talent! He did this by utilizing the same mental toughness and discipline that he imparts to ALL A1 Talent Success Superstars!  He is all about people achieving their life goals and become a true Superstar in life! Young people's success is what our
 Talent Success Directors live for!!

If you or a child that you love, wants to achieve SUPERSTAR! success, it is IMPERATIVE that a strong success minded person is involved to assist. This is exactly what you will get in an A1 Talent Success Director! Our Success Directors are there for YOUR Success. HIRE US TODAY! You or your child can be our next A1 Talent Success SUPERSTAR!

CLICK BELOW, CALL, OR TEXT US at A1 Talent Success!, to set up a FREE, NO OBLIGATION  phone, video conference or in-person meet, where we will go over EVERYTHING that you need to become a A1 Talent Success Superstar! Call or text us, in the U.S. and Canada at (833) A1TALENT [833-218-2536] or Internationally at 1(754)999-6884 AND START MAKING TALENT SUCCESS HAPPEN, RIGHT NOW!! 

A1 Talent Success! is the PREMIER, #1 Personal Success Company that Creates GREAT Young Superstars!
Our Personal Success Students Get Great Grades and Achieve Their Life Goals!!
Our Athletes Make Their Teams and are Mentally Tough!
A1 Talent Success Directors are leaders in working with young people and getting them to become successful Life Superstars!  

We work with our young customers with:
  • Success Coaching
  • Success Mentoring and Leadership
  • Motivational Training
  • Focus on Spiritual Health and Family Values

This is the reason that A1 Talent Success! kids and teens SUCCEED in their personal lives!

Our Models and Entertainers Are Tremendous Talents!
A1 Talent Success Directors work with both amateur and professional athletes in becoming an Athletic Superstar!
We work with amateur athletes with:
  • Emphasis on education
  • Talent Evaluation
  • Sports Training
  • Developing mental toughness
We work with professional athletes with:
  • Proper representation
  • Maximizing their value
  • Crossing over into television and movies​
A1 Talent Success Directors work with our actors, models, and other entertainers to become an Entertainment Superstar! We do that by:

  • Providing Professional Consulting Services for entertainers with limited or no experience
  • Providing Professional Management Services for entertainers that have had paid jobs
  • Assisting with obtaining talent agents
  • Making sure their career stays on track
  • ​Assisting with publicity and promotion